the alchemy of Soap with Anastasia Angelopoulos.

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Anastasia Angelopoulos is the kind of person who not only would but could save your life by wrestling a Burmese Python from around your ribs and then quickly skinning it to make baby clothes and goulash. She’s the kind of woman who can make something out of nothing and present it in such a way that is at once surprisingly pretty and delicious.

I have tried about 8 of the awesome soaps offered on Anastasia’s eletheena shop on Etsy and can truly say that every single one carried Anastasia’s robust spirit imp
arting nothing but strength and courage as you “wash up” in the shower or at your basin~~ lushly fragrant without compromise Eletheena’s chunky chunks of heaven contain crushed vanilla pods, sugar sprinkles, oolong tea, styrax, petitgrain sur fleurs, sandalwood, cinnamon, myrrh, ylang ylang concrete (what on earth soaper uses ylang concrete ? wow!!)…and on…and on…

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