Two mysterious aromatic plants of ancient Crete, PO-NI-Kl-JO and the THEANGELIS

Knossos, the famous Minoan Palace lies 5 kilometres southeast of Heraklion.

  Paul Faure 
With the other products of aromatic plants that are reported in the plates of Linear B of 13th century B.C., is presented and somebody po-ni-ki-jo that was attributed in the Greek as “foinikion”. Is the perfume ancient Foinikis that ancient named ladanon or lidanon. It is resin of the leaves of small bush that are said "kisthos" or "kistharon" or "kissaron" (Cistus Creticus Incanus). His flowers be pictured in the fresco of Knossos “light blue bird”. A other plant than Diktamus is "diktamos" (Origanum Dictammus L.), tonic and stimulant that rightfully takes name theangelis. And in the two plants they were attributed beyond the therapeutic and magic attributes.

Cistus Creticus Incanus


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