Bipbap said...

Kalispera :)
I am a big fan of Greece and all your beautiful islands. I have been there a lot, and I'm going to visit one of the islands in june. Happy to see a nice greek perfumeblog to :)

Anonymous said...

I thank you for your good reasons.

In my country say : every beginning is difficult.

I am from Crete. If it came in July it would see that we gather the labdanum from plant Cistus creticus with the traditional ancient way.

Bipbap said...

So exciting! I have never been to Crete, but have been to Peloponnes and some islands. I love all the good smells from the greek nature. Sometimes I look for fragrances that can remind me of Greece. Fragrances like Philosykos, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Un Jardin En Mediterranee (nice, maybe a little bit to green for me) Which fragrance "is Greece" for you?

Anonymous said...

Do you know labdanum from cistus cretius?
It is real Chypre fragrances.

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