Humbly Presenting the Chanel No. 5 Movie Storyboard

by Les Tuileries

As many of you would probably know by now I should have been reporting more frequently on many, many other topics. (Since I have offered a sneak preview of the latest Chanel No. 5 movie already.) But Hello Canada has just posted the storyboard so I might as well offer yet another preview.

Jeunet said Chanel's brief consisted of only three words: mystère, frisson, émotion. Judging by the storyboard below he did a fairly good job at meeting the ideals while maintaining his cinematic vision...

Once again, the film stars French actress Audrey Tautou and British model Travis Davenport and takes place on the Orient Express, en route from Paris to Istanbul.

The adventure begins as the heroine dashes towards the station to catch her train

She runs along the platform with seconds to spare before her life-changing journey begins

The camera focuses in the train, poised to set off

The guard's whistle means it's time to go

On board the train she passes a handsome stranger who's captivated by her scent

Later, unable to sleep, he is drawn by her perfume to the door of her cabin where he lingers a while...

The train continues on its journey across Europe through the night

As Audrey sleeps the light through her perfume bottle flickers on the wall

Perhaps she's dreaming of the handsome stranger?

On arrival in Istanbul the heroine captures a local scene on film

But look who shows up in the picture?

She arrives back at the station and her mystery man follows

Will this be the moment they finally meet?

For more information on the campaign please refer to my previous post on this topic. Once again the film will debut on May 5, 2009, 88 years after the launch of the iconic fragrance.

Photo and Storyboard: Hello Canada

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