The Power of Polyphenols

The other day on Oprah, Dr. Oz spoke to anti-aging, life regeneration, life prolonging, life extension pioneering and the significant value of resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a potent member of the class of natural, plant-derived chemicals known as polyphenols. Diets high in fruits and vegetables containing polyphenols can reduce risk of a variety of health concerns.

The skin of the red grape is particularly rich in polyphenols and one of the ingredients in our anti-aging live longer tonic.

If you google resveratrol in relationship to cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease you will find oodles of research demonstrating it's benefits.
Cistus Incanus is one of the richest Polyphenol sources available.


Georgos said...

You eat the cistus? How?

Georgos said...

You eat Cistus? How?

Anonymous said...

We drink cistus tea..

We eat kukulia from cistus.

We eat Cytinus hypocistis.

We eat a little labdanum from Cistus Incanus as medicine.

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