lab·da·num (lbd-nm) also lad·a·num (ldn-m)

Akkadian Empire

A resin of certain Old World plants of the genus Cistus, yielding a fragrant essential oil used in flavorings and perfumes.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin lapdanum, labdanum, alteration of Latin ldanum, from Greek ldanon, ldanon, from ldon, *ldon, rockrose, of Semitic origin; akin to Akkadian ladinnu, ladunu, an aromatic.]

[ˈlæbdənəm], ladanum
(Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a dark resinous juice obtained from various rockroses of the genus Cistus, used in perfumery and in the manufacture of fumigants and medicinal plasters
[Latin, from Greek ladanon, from lēdon rockrose, from Semitic]


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