Elements Showcase - Live from Expo, part I

The Elements Showcase started today, and we are thrilled to report from this spectacular show. Many European and American brands are presented, and most of them arrived with new products to present. Before discussing the houses, I would like to mention that the organization and the decor of the show are fabulous.  This amazing blend of light, fragrances and vis...
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The Exhibitors:

Exhibitors at The Elements Showcase embody the most progressive figures in fragrance, from perfume, personal care and home ambiance:

Anthousa, Belle Fleur, Bond No 9, Crafting Beauty, Eau d'Elissa, Summersent, Sylvie de France, D.L. & Co, D.S. & Durga, David Pirrotta, ODIN EDT, Mayrons GOODS!, 21 Drops, Robin Olio Lusso, FIX Malibu, wholearth, Colbert M.D., Nooka Candle, DayNa Decker, Duchess Marden, EM Distribution, Nejma, Puro by Nejma, ETAT LIBRE d'ORANGE, Ineke, Intertrade Europe, Boadicea the Victorious, Carthusia, Esteban, The Hype Noses, Nasomatto, Nez a Nez, Poetry Bath, Profumi Del Forte, SoOud, Stilly, Keiko Mecheri, Lafco, Claus, Eau d'Italie, Santa Maria Novella, Lorenzo Villoresi, Lubin, Margot Elena Brands, MCMC Fragrances, Royal Apothic, Sage, Sepai, Susanne Kaufmann Cosmetics, The Pink Room Design Studio, Ulrich Lang New York, URSA MAJOR, Woodley & Bunny, and others.

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