Jo Malone Tea Collection

Jo Malone introduces a new limited edition collection of fragrances in collaboration with famous perfumer Christine Nagel, inspired by various kinds of tea and their extra flavors. In accordance with the British tradition of the daily tea ritual, five fragrances that correspond to five different tea flavors are presented. Tea Collection includes the following editions:  Assam and Grapefru...
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Assam and Grapefruit
Top notes: grapefruit, violet, rhubarb
Heart: Assam tea, rose, cardamom
Base: patchouli, musk, almond
Earl Grey and Cucumber
Top notes: bergamot, apple, jasmine, water notes
Heart: angelica, cucumber, davana
Base: beeswax, vanilla, cedar and musk
Fresh Mint Leaf
Top notes: basil, mint, bergamot
Heart: water jasmine, rhubarb
Base: mate, musk, cedar
Sweet Lemon
Top notes: lemon, bergamot, rhubarb
Heart: pineapple, freesia, peach
Base: cypress, musk, cedar
Sweet Milk
Top notes: star anise, heliotrope, bergamot
Heart: milk, caramel
Base: vanilla, almond, musk

Jo Malone Tea Collection will be available from early March 2011. All the fragrances come in 30 ml colognes.

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Cobra Bracelet said...

Tea as a perfume...Great idea.
How much is it?

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