Anya`s Garden 100% natural perfumes on Fragrantica

By: Elena Knezevic

The exclusive world of natural perfumery is hidden from masses. Its luxurious creations can't be reproduced in thousands of examples, and every drop gleams with multiple facets only natural oil can provide; it's based on living juice and made by hand and from the heart. Natural perfume is the only way to discover the real Nature beauties, and to find out how Perfume was produced and treasured hundreds - and even thousands - years ago.

Anya composes her fragrances of natural oils, essences and tinctures, many of them she makes by herself. Miami (Florida) with its lush vegetation, where Anya's Garden is based, is the right place for the passionate explorer of natural scents. Anya is really imaginative in her work, she doesn't make anything you can call 'ordinary'. She uses such unusual ingredients as goat hair tincture (to create a perfume devoted to the lyrical god, Pan), a tincture of earth (the safest and eternal base!) for her Temple perfume, smoked sea shells for her Fairchild perfume. When using ingredients of animal sources, Anya chooses only cruelty-free essences, such as hyrax.

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