Myrrh, aromatic gum resin, of which the true form is obtained from a tree in Africa and Arabia. Although similar trees yield a similar product, the quality is inferior. Myrrh consists of a mixture of resin, gum, and the essential oil myrrhol, which produces the characteristic odor. It has a bitter, pungent taste, and ranges in color from yellowish brown to reddish brown. Myrrh was highly valued in ancient times as an ingredient of perfume and incense and was also used as an ointment. The myrrh mentioned in the Bible (see Psalms 45:8; Song 4:14) is believed to have been a mixture of myrrh and the oleoresin labdanum from plant Cistus Creticus*. One of the three gifts of the Magi to Jesus Christ (see Matthew 2:11) was myrrh. The gum resin was also used as a stimulant tonic and is used today as an antiseptic in mouthwashes and dentifrices.

Cistus Creticus grows in Eastern Μediterraneo.

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