Eau de Parfum

Our aim: to create an elegant perfume of beauty, a modern classic.

Paris was the inspiration for our first perfume but a fragrant garden in Avignon was the revelation. Encircled by a ring of bay laurel trees and brimming with exotic flora native to the Island of Sicily, this beautiful walled garden held the key to Tarantella eau de parfum.

Inspired by the Tommi Sooni vision our “nose” blended and refined in the classic French tradition for over eighteen months until the result was perfected.

From this labour of love emerged a sophisticated and elegant “chypre.”

Tarantella, a rare fragrance with a complex aura and memorable sillage.

Tarantella … it is very good indeed, solid, confident and interesting … very well put together with no breaks and a rich drydown that is faithful to the structure. Would get a solid 4 stars in a new edition of the guide.

Luca Turin, author, “Perfumes the Guide”

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