DIY Perfume 101: 25 Tips, Videos & Articles to Learn to Create Your Own Fragrance.

DIY perfume is a fun project that can become a full-blown hobby or a one-time experiment. When it goes right, you’ll end up with a custom fragrance that hits all of the lovely notes you love to sniff when perusing spices, candles or fresh flowers. There’s no limit on what scents you can mix together, so play wizard and come up with a unique concoction that’s as individual as your personality.

Tips for Creating a DIY Fragrance

Making your own perfume is fun, but it’s not as easy, breezy as one might think. Have the right tools and set-up before you start mixing to prevent a mess.


1. Set up a work station. This doesn’t have to be ultra fancy. Just a clear counter top where you can measure ingredients with ease and not spill on anything important.

2. Wear an old shirt. If you’ve ever dropped olive oil on a shirt, you know any type of oil stains with what looks like a permanent watermark. Leave your good shirts in the closet and conduct your DIY perfume while wearing a ratty T-shirt.

3. Have bottles for storing DIY perfumes. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what your fragrances will end up like, you can store them in any type of glass container with a top. For those who want to get fancy, hit a local craft store for empty atomizers and glass bottles to store perfumes. All bottles should have an airtight lid.

4. Be patient. In order for the scents to come together, you have to let the fragrance sit for at least 48 hours. Don’t dismiss a recipe upon first sniff, just because it doesn’t tickle your fancy right away. It may need to sit at least a week to thoroughly mix.

5. Shake it up. If two days isn’t long enough for the perfume to sit, be sure to shake it up every couple of days until you reach a week. This disperses the contents evenly, giving the scents a chance to marry.

Videos to Create Your Own Fragrance

If you think making your own fragrance is too much to handle without a crash course, check out these helpful videos to give you an image of what the process should be like.

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