The Ecomuseum of Rhodes


The “journey through time and place in the rural environment of Rhodes”, comprises the main part of the idea for the creation of an ecomuseum, which focuses on at least 15 villages in the central, mountainous regions of the island. This rural area, which has been wholly left out of the hectic tourist development of the rest of the island, is defined by its great wealth in natural ecosystems and as a result sections of this entire district can stand on their own as museums. As well as presenting folklore and historic elements, these areas can also provide a multitude of topics and themes that can be introduced into an ecomuseum.

The project anticipates the creation of activities within a museum-type structure that are based on the agricultural life and cultivation activities, but also plans to introduce the special character of the communities that will participate in this project with sensitivity and respect.
Through these communities, the visitor will be able to learn about the history, the civilization and the culture
of the various villages of Rhodes.

More specifically, the museum will be supported by an interesting network of itineraries, within the natural environment and from which the visitor will have the opportunity of learning about the ecosystem and
the cultural identity as well as the heritage of each village. Gradually, the quality products of these regions, that of nature and the landscape, the ancient and cultural sites, the villages, the traditional craft workshops, will be presented as “elements of civilization”, which will be offered to the visitor of Rhodes as further enrichment elements to the specific tourist product.

The aim of this project is the sustainable development of a small agricultural region through the promotion and presentation of its agricultural history and the exploitation of her natural cultural and folklore sources and the development of facilities and services that pertain to alternative tourism.

Networking and co-
Co-operation between the Ecomuseum of Rhodes and its international counterparts could possibly involve the following departments:

• One of the immediate priorities of the coordinators of the project is for its integration with other similar online museums of Europe and its collaboration with them.
• Educational and research institutes for the Scientific Museologic approach regarding the artifacts of
the Ecomuseum, as well as the establishment of a control info centre.
• Organisations and movements involved in the protection of the environment and cultural heritage.
• The rekindling of sources of energy and the creation of green energy parks in the region of the ecomuseum (15 villages i
n central Rhodes) which will supply the energy needs of the villages (photovoltaic modules and wind turbines).
• The protection of aquatic sources and the development of new forms of cultivation, which are said to save on water.

The above suggestions basically represent the initial areas of interest for which we would like to e
ngage international collaborators and investors, particularly for the purposes of funding this project. We believe there are enough eco and agro elements present for us to start working on with your help।

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