Luxurious perfumes from nature

Adorn yourself with a luscious solid perfume from Pacific Perfumes’ new Artisan Range and revel in nature's opulence. There are no synthetic ingredients – each fragrance is crafted from the rich, beguiling scents of real flowers, leaves and woods.

New Zealand's own Pacific Perfumes is one of only a handful of perfume houses in the world that create complex and evocative fragrances entirely from natural ingredients.

The rare art of natural perfumery is gaining a dedicated following among perfume fans globally. You may wear natural fragrances because of sensitivities to synthetic ingredients, or simply love to indulge in their special luxury, purity and sensuousness. On the skin, a natural perfume changes over time and surprises you. It melds with your body chemistry, becoming a gorgeous fragrance all your own.

The Pacific Perfumes studio nestles in the green hills of Wellington’s Aro Valley. There, perfumers Francesca Brice and Kate JasonSmith create their hand-poured perfumes using precious essential oils and absolutes sourced from plantations around the world, blended in a silky base of natural beeswax and golden jojoba oil.

In keeping with their reverence for nature, they package their Artisan Range in renewable and recyclable materials and donate a dollar from every perfume sold to Forest and Bird.

And just as the fragrances themselves surprise and delight – so does the innovative packaging. An unexpected gift lies inside each stunning box.

Each of the three solid perfumes in the Pacific Perfumes Artisan Range has its own spirit. Choose one to match your own, or that of the person you're spoiling:

Wild Goddess
Strong and elegant, this fragrance weaves cedarwood and mythical frankincense with the edginess of tobacco leaf. Amber and benzoin add just the right measure of softness.

Pure Legend
A smouldering earthy scent, blended from smoky vetiver and wild rose, brushed with labdanum. The mood is sensual and richly textured, with a tantalizing hint of sweetness.

Simply Paradise
Sweet, mellow and carefree, Simply Paradise is inspired by summer sunshine, and weaves together the heavenly aromas of ylang ylang, guaiacwood and orange, setting them to luxuriate in delicious cocoa with nuances of vanilla and Peru balsam.

For a list of Pacific Perfumes stockists, see the Pacific Perfumes website.

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