Organic Perfumery Workshop and Branding Your Natural Product Session

Amanda Walker, the owner and perfumer of A Perfume Organic, invites you to attend the two-days worksop at The Open Center 22 East 30th Street (between Madison and 5th Avenue) Classroom 3B New York, NY 10016. The workshop starts on Monday, November 29, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm  Cost: $145

In this two-part workshop, students will learn the basics of designing a custom scent with organic ingredients and be introduced to helpful information to develop their own brands and products.

Part 1: 2 hours  (7PM-9PM)

An introduction to rare natural materials, blending techniques, fragrance families, odor classification, extraction methods, equipment, vocabulary and ratios. This workshop is a hands on way to experience basic techniques needed to develop your own products and learn more about the incredible world of perfume. Each student will design their own 12ml perfume they can take home with them (all supplies provided). No prior experience necessary, although intermediate and advanced topics will be discussed.

Part 2: 1 hour (9PM-10PM)

An in depth session on branding, packaging, sourcing and marketing natural products.  Students will be given the opportunity to compare similar brand samples, have access to resource lists and industry contacts needed to launch a new brand or jumpstart an established brand.  This is a rare opportunity to meet with an experienced industry innovator, these consultation sessions can cost hundreds of dollars!

Free shipping for every product purchased from A Perfume Organic through January 2011!

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