China White by Nasomatto

China White by Nasomatto

Created: 2008 For: Women type: Chypre - Floral


After five unusual fragrances that went off the beaten track, alternative brand Nasomatto introduces China White. A powerful composition in a hybrid glass-porcelain bottle, whose name contains a play on words. Indeed, China White is a very pure form of heroin, but if you turn the words around, White China could also refer to the porcelain cap. At selected points of sale. For more info: www.nasomatto.com


Since the company isn’t releasing any information about the ingredients, the following pyramid is based on our own olfactory interpretation. China White is a powerful fragrance in which you can detect a slightly dirty, animal-like leathery-chypre-y base, transcended by a rich note of flowers, probably tuberose, perhaps softened with rose. You can also catch a few spicy, balmy tonalities. Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri

Top notes Spices Heart note Floral Notes, Patchouli Base note Leather, Animal Notes, Balms

Perfume Extract Spray 1 oz.



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