Distance (Part 1) : Northern Crete

Northern Crete : Area that produce labdanum with the old ancient and traditional method and the plant Cistus Creticus – Incanus. This region is unique.

Means of transport: Walk with my car .

Time: May Day.

Distance: From my village Sises to Rethimno.

1 stop.
Mountain of my village, Sises.
Everywhere Cistus Creticus.

2 stop
Bali Rethimno
Beautiful tourist place with a lot of hotels and rented rooms

3 stop

Mountain of village Melidoni.
It is in labdanum area and everywhere Cistus Creticus.

4 stop

Psiloritis is the highest mountain on Crete. Psiloritis is located in the prefecture of Rethymno, the most mountainous of the four prefectures of Crete. Zeus was brought up by Kourites and the nymph Amaltheia. In the woods of Psiloritis also lived Daktyloi, a group of good demons.
5 stop


6 stop


Happy May Day from Northern Crete.

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