Cetan mantinada

A mantinada, (plural mantinades, Greek: μαντινάδα, μαντινάδες) — are Cretan rhyming couplets, typically improvised during dance music. Rhymed Cretan poetry of the Renaissance, especially verse epic Erotokritos, are reminiscent of the mantinada, and couplets from Erotokritos have become used as mantinades. Mantinades have either love or satire as their topics.

The word is derived from Venetian matinada, "morning song".

You tobe there two madinades that I like they.

1h Mantinada
I wanted to be perfume that you put in your hair.
In each your breathing I enter in your heart.

2h Mantinada
I like your eyes also rhey are tearful.
And your heart it loves but it loves I remained.

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