PXA 2009 Conference & Workshops Speakers


Our speakers are industry experts as well as personalities chosen from a variety of backgrounds, to offer conference attendees the broadest possible view on the stet of the industry and the way we can improve it.

The best way to foresee our industry's future is to build it!

The economic crisis may feel like a disaster to many, but it’s more like an announced hurricane. It has landed, winds are still strong and damaging but it will pass. Many people will be wounded, some bankrupt but the world's economy is not collapsing.
It is maybe too early to rebuild but as most of you are sticking your heads in the sand like us in Florida when a hurricane passes over our homes. You now have the time to think, keep eyes and ears open to possible solutions so that we may rebuild stronger.

Take a proactive approach and come to PXA. We have solutions that we want to share with you.

Bernard Pommier
Our experts in many fields will lecture you and conduct workshops

Rochelle Bloom (Fragrance Foundation) Session "State of the industry"

Karen Dubin (Sniffapalooza) Session " What Consumers Want?"
Karen Adams (Sniffapalooza) Session " What Consumers Want?"

Bernard Pommier (Anything Marketing) "Publicity the other advertising"

Reinier Mesritz (Mesritz LLC) "Marketing in tough economic times"
Bruno Queyrel (Nextrade) "Marketing in tough economic times"...

Daniel Laury (LSF Interactve) "Online Marketing How to make it work?"
Alex Pommier (Pommier LLC) "New Channels of distribution".

Patrick Etchaubard (Beaute Marketing) "Better packaging More Sales

Sue Phillips Fragrance Marketing in the "NOW"

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