Crook and flail - Ancient Egypt

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A royal symbol of Egypt, used with CROOK to represent the majesty of the rulers of the Two Lands, the flail, tarried originally by the god OSIRIS, is normally dis¬played in the hands of deceased rulers. It was once described as a whip but now is believed to represent the labdanisterion,(Site :labdanum.gr) the instrument used by early goatherds in the Neat East. Such a symbol, dining back to ancient limes, would have had magical connotations. Agricultural workers used the flail to gather labdanum an aromatic shrub that ylelded gum and resin. The crook and the flail were both identified with the god OSIRIS'S patronage of vegetation and eternal life. It associated each new ruler with the past traditions and with Osiris, thus providing the people with a clear image of an unbroken line of divinely inspired pharaohs.


A royal symbol, the awet, carried by the rulers of ancient Egypt, representing the early shepherds, the scepter had magical powers and represented traditions of the past and government. The crook was carried with the flail, called the nekhakha, which represented OSIRIS and MIN.


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