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Bond No. 9 Brooklyn Design Contest Continues…
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When we introduced, Brooklyn, its breakthrough street-art surface design brought praise and a barrage of responses. Well, we already knew that aficionados of the borough of Brooklyn can be opinionated. But so many strong opinions reached us about what a Brooklyn bottle could look like that we realized we'd better offer more options if we knew what was good for us.

After receiving hundreds of fabulous designs submissions, the Bond No. 9 team has decided to have you vote!

So throughout June 2009, Bond No. 9 invites everyone—amateurs and artists alike—to vote on who they believe should be the winner of the Brooklyn Bottle Design contest.
Ground Rules

* Send an e-mail to contactus@bondno9.com with your top choice of what design you believe should win the contest.

Votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced July 1st, 2009.

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