Labdanum absolute is amber-like product.

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The Complete Technology Book on Herbal Perfumes & Cosmetics
by H. Panda

National Institute Of Industrial Re
ISBN 8186623620, 9788186623626
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Labdanum Absolute

This is derived from Cistus ladaniferus or Cistus Creticus. The former is found in Spain and the latter in Crete. The Crasse region has large plantation of these plants. Because of the many spacies of Cistus that supply labdanum, producers have specialised in a variety of notes, not only resulting from the species treated, but also from such and such a fraction of the labdanum product obtained by different processes. There are thus many different labdanum absolutes available.

Labdanum has a typically balsamic odour, rather flowery, herbaceous, amber-like and very tenacius. The absolute derived from the species growing in Crete is the finest, the most amber-like and the least coloured.

The absolute is obtained from the concrete by benzene and extraction of the concrete by 95 alcohol.

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